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Ages ago, when I was in the messy middle of coming out bisexual (I felt raw and unformed because I was not the person others had thought me to be; I railed against God for making this world such a difficult place to be honest in) I read a passage my spiritual director Cil Braun had written in a newsletter:  “God is not static.  God is in constant creation, constantly being created.  We are not static, either.  We are in constant creation.”  Yes, I thought; I am being created.  At the time it felt wretched.  Looking back I know coming out was gloriously, divinely formative.  “Discomfort is the nerve ending of growth,” Jonathan Rowe writes.  Kids know this viscerally when growing pains wrench their legs; they know it emotionally when cascading new experiences—getting dressed themselves, suddenly drawing figures—send them scurrying back to babyhood.  Sometimes Gwyn crawls into my lap and…

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