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If you’ve happened to walk past our house on a Saturday around seven p.m., chances are good you considered calling child protection.  Judging from Gwyn’s screams, that’s our weekly time for torture.  In fact we’re just washing her hair—once a week is frequent enough, thank you.  There have been times when Gwyn’s anxiety about hair-washing was so extreme, she began worrying about the next shampoo while her hair was still wet.  We tried washing around swimming goggles.  We asked Gwyn’s birth mom to share how much she hated hair-washing as a child.  Once we called an older neighbor kid to come hold her hand, hoping peer support might help.  We talked with a therapist about toddler anxiety. Shortly before Easter, when Gwyn was playing with a watering can in the bathtub and began pouring water over her head, I raised my eyebrows but kept my mouth wisely shut.  “Mama, I’m…

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