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The fastest way to see our writing with fresh eyes is to look through the eyes of a reader.  Established authors might profess that they don’t reveal their work to anyone until it’s done, or complain about writing workshops producing works created by consensus.  But writers who are still learning the craft need exposure to the dirty inner workings of writing; they need to see others struggling with their same questions, and they need to learn from others’ mistakes and successes.  It’s possible to receive nourishing, instructive feedback on a manuscript-in-progress. Here are some thoughts on giving and receiving feedback that will benefit your work: 1.  Be careful not to share your work prematurely.  Have you allowed yourself plenty of time in that cloud of safety and unknowing?  Only solicit feedback when you’re genuinely curious about developing your piece.  If you’re looking for someone to endorse your creative process—to say…

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