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Silence: A Writer’s Source

Recently I attended a secular conversation at which the word “Source” was batted around the way religious folks use the word “God.”  I find “Source” a helpful term, although perhaps not big enough to encompass my sense of divine presence.  But it got me thinking:  What’s a writer’s source?  What grounds us and inspires us?  From where do we draw our creative energy? Of course there’s no single answer to this question, but among the … Continue reading

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A Fresh Look at Writing as a Spiritual Practice

Karen Hering’s new book, Writing to Wake the Soul:  Opening the Sacred Conversation Within, hits the bookstores next week, and I want to encourage everyone interested in writing as a spiritual practice to get a copy.  In her role as literary minister at a Unitarian Universalist congregation, Hering developed what she calls Contemplative Correspondence, a practice of writing from prompts around theological themes like faith, prayer, sin, grace, and redemption.  If this sounds heady or … Continue reading

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The Story about the Story

I’ve known for a while and repeatedly told my students that writing continues to offer us invitations to spiritual and personal growth even after we’re finished.  Publishing and publicity can become opportunities to deepen our integrity, expand our communities, and understand the world more accurately. Of course in the mess of book production and the exhaustion of marketing, it’s easy to lose sight of this.  That’s why I keep returning to Seth Godin, who manages … Continue reading

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