__For Writers________________

Dare to tell the truth about what’s sacred.

Tools to inspire and sustain you through writing spiritual memoir:

•       Weekly writing exercises
•       Monthly blog, Heart and Craft
•       Resources for publishing and reading spiritual memoir
•       Information on Writing the Sacred Journey:  The Art and Practice of
Spiritual Memoir

__For Readers________________

Reading is a creative act, and reading about the great mystery of being
human helps create our inner lives.

Tools to help:
•       An annotated bibliography
•       Reviews of recent spiritual memoirs

Upcoming events of interest:

Your life story is a scripture written just for you.  But with craft and intention, your spiritual memoir can actively change you and transform those who read it.  Join Elizabeth for a weekend exploration of spiritual memoir at The Christine Center, March 21-23rd, in central Wisconsin.

Memoir becomes spiritual with intention—when we look for holiness within the details of our personal stories, when we open ourselves to transformation as we write, and when we consider crafting our stories to best engage an audience.  What better way to dive into spiritual memoir than a week on Madeline Island?  Elizabeth will lead Spiritual Memoir:  Where a Life Meets Mystery from 7/28/14-8/1/14 at the Madeline Island School of the Arts.

Immerse yourself in an exciting exploration of writing about faith at the 2015 Key West Literary Seminar:  How the Light Gets In:  Writing About Spirit.  If Key West in January isn’t enticing enough, Elizabeth will be teaching spiritual memoir during the workshop week that follows, January 11-15, 2015.

May the rigor of learning to write well deepen your insights, widen your relationships, and enlarge the sacred presence you bring into the world.   

–Elizabeth Jarrett Andrew

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